Have you been getting yourself a new house? Making investment in your own house is life’s greatest achievement. It’s your hard earned cash that you would be shelling out to possess your dream home therefore, it is extremely important to know what all things that you need to look for before you actually make payment to the builder. The more detailed & closer new home inspection about the facilities, construction & fixtures would save you a peace of mind for years to come. A knockout post for anyone to wants to have a guide to new home inspection. 

Carrying out a new home inspection enables you to find out any construction fault with the intention that builder can fix it up before you move in. Once city civic passes the plan of building, the builder starts the construction. Just because the plan is passed, doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It is imperative to inspect if the house is safe to move in. Here is some handy guide to help you with inspection.

1) Document every little thing: It will always be recommended to prepare a list of fixtures you would like to get fixed in your house & mail it to the builder. Make certain to have a return receipt of the list. This would not only save you from any miss outs; besides this will work as a proof in case of any future disputes with the builder concerning the fitments in the house.

2) Conduct a comprehensive inspection: It is not practical to hurry. Cautiously check out each aspect of the house. Take help of professionals to carry out pest inspections as well as termite inspection. Failure to do so can turn into nightmare later on. Termites & pest can damage your valuable property. Post property inspections in Geelong, share a report with the builder via email so that he can take necessary actions if required any.

3) Take time before your house warming: If you have shared the house inspection report with builder, provide him with some time to make necessary changes or fittings before you move into you house.

4) Wait for deal closure: until & unless all the requirements have been fulfilled, do not make the full & final payment to the builder to seal up the deal. If in case you have moved in even before the builder completes the pending, he would not be keen to quickly complete the pending list of items.

Carrying out a house inspection necessitates a lot of detailing & considering several intricate aspects. If you are not comfortable with it, you may hire professional services to conduct a detailed pre handover inspection which would most likely incorporate defects or repairs that has to be bolstered up & fixed up at builder’s expense, Pest & termite inspection making sure that the preventive pest control as well as termite control can be taken up there & then only. The aforementioned details are critical elements that you have to look into before you move into your house. Once, all the formalities are accomplished, neither you nor the builder would be able to sort out the flaws. It is a prudent decision to have the beforehand new home inspection.