Are you after creating the perfect kitchen? If so, here are our experts’ tips and suggestions for you…

Get professional help with the designing

It might be tempting to imitate your parents’ kitchen, or the kitchen of a friend’s place. You might even want to construct your kitchen to the design you might have seen in display homes of Point Cook or property shows. But the thing is, each house and each land is unique; so each kitchen too needs to be designed uniquely. If you hear of horror stories where people are troubled by having not enough lighting in their kitchens, or not enough space for all their expensive kitchen utensils; it’s probably coz the kitchen was not built to suit the land. So opt for professionals if you want to have a happy kitchen.

Think of the long term

When building homes, it’s vital that you keep the long term in mind. This is particularly important to remember when building your kitchen. You might be single at the moment, but eventually, you’ll have a family, and perhaps even a pet! This means more people will be using your kitchen; making it important that you have plenty of space to walk around and cook together in the kitchen. Apart from that, having more space means you have room to put in a larger kitchen table and perhaps even have a nook for your pet.

Select the right floors

In a high traffic, frequently used and accident prone area like the kitchen, it’s important that you choose the right floors. Ask your home builders for recommendations on kitchen floors available to your locally. In our personal opinion, stone and tile floors are the most durable, as well as the most practical in terms of spills and accidents. Remember to space the tiles as close as possible, or you will be cleaning out sauce and grease out of the grout between the tiles for years to come. While this is quite possible thanks to cleaning products now-a-days, it still doesn’t mean it’s fun or easy.

Quality lights and wall sockets

Have you heard the horror stories of kitchen appliances, both big and small, getting corrupted within just months of using, just because the wall sockets in the kitchen short-circuited them? Have you ever had to cook in an ill lit kitchen, or had to change your light bulbs frequently; just so you can see clearly? If you have, you will understand our firmness when we say only buy quality light fixtures and wall sockets! Truly, this is one of those things you can splurge on happily, knowing you’ll save a lot of money (and frustration) in the years to come, thanks to your smart decision.