The use of self managed super fund is promoted these days to make an investment; however the end decision to use these funds or not lies in the hands of an investor. He must be sure if he can commit such large amount of funds for investment and if same involves any kind of risk or not.
How to take the decision?
Different strategies and arrangements have been introduced in the market to support investment in SMSF properties. The money borrowed for such SMSF properties can be used for purchase of a single asset or multiple identical assets. Once the decision of investment s taken it is important for an investor to consider the following factors;

·         The investment should be made in which type of property.
·         What if the investor does not have any SMSF?
·         Is it right to set up SMSF for purchase of property?

Investment in residential SMSF
It is difficult to buy a SMSF property especially when you have the intention of living in it. A condition has been entrusted in the SMSF trust, wherein the trustee, member or any relative is not eligible for any benefit from the property. The intention behind investment should be solely in the support of SMSF investment which helps in building up property for use after retirement.
Investment in commercial SMSF
Almost all the times, investor uses their SMSF to purchase commercial properties which can be used for carrying out any kind of business. But before an investor finalises the purchase, certain factors should be given due consideration as mentioned below;

The lease term of the property should be competitive and should not be made with an intention to make gains or enjoy any kind of financial advantage.
During difficult situations, investor is not allowed to skip rents for payments. One must make sure that payments are made right on time and the amount paid should be equal to the amount due against rent.
SMSF regulations requires valuations after regular intervals, does not matters if it takes lots of time and also involves a huge amount of paper work.

Advantages of buying SMSF property
There are various kinds of advantages of investment property in Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia in SMSF properties, and one of the major benefits achieved with it is the tax benefits. Investors choosing these properties are asked to pay a lower rate of tax in comparison to other tax payers in the country. Moreover the rate of capital gain tax is also discounted thus reducing the burden of tax from investors. If the property under consideration is sold during the accumulation phase then investor is liable to discounted capital gain tax however if the super fund is in pension phase then they are not liable to any capital gain taxes.
The decision of investment in SMSF property should be taken after critically evaluating the property and analysing benefits attached with the investment.