Law is something common and extremely important to a state. Law is available around the world and to be precise there are so many types of laws in the world. These are introduced because people can only be governed accordingly because for the existence of the law. Therefore it shall be respected and duly followed in order to give a happy and a peaceful life. There are lawyers who practice in courts and also there are lawyers who own law firms. In firms as such mostly company secretarial work and notary work are done. These are the firms where many lawyers do not go to courts as they do not deal with litigation cases. Therefore they are available as secretaries for different companies and for notarial purposes of people. 

They can either be panel lawyer to a particular bank in order to execute the bank’s mortgage bonds and so on. Therefor these firms are famous in most of the countries. Some of these firms deal with large scale cases where even foreigners are coming to buy lands. However it is not legal in almost every country and if that is so the foreigners will have to incorporate a company that has a particular number of foreign shares in order to purchase land in a foreign country. For these purposes buyers advocate help is needed as they have the license to involve in these matters. They shall write proper lawful deeds and sign them before witnesses to that execution. Furthermore, the lawyer has to attest it and pay the governmental fee required by the particular government of that state and also they can require a professional fee for participating to that process.

This does not mean that they do not providing vendor advocacy Northcote to the parties, they are in need for the vendor as well but they do not serve the help to both the vendor and the vendee at the same time as it is against their professional ethics. Most of the time female lawyers are involved in the notarial section as one day even they can do this course while staying home as well. It is actually a hard task that has to be done according to the law of that country and therefore one has have the proper practice and knowledge in order to involve in this task.Furthermore they also have to think of the parties as well because if they make mistakes it will affect parties too and it shall be done lawfully.